6 Successful Ways to Get More Orders on Bikry!

Is creating an online store enough to get more customers? Of course not. Here are the ways to help you get more and more customers on your online store.

Step 1: Upload the Customers List & Share your Bikry Store with them

Informing the customers about every update in your store is very important in generating orders. So to keep them updated, create a Customer list on your Bikry app by adding all your customers instantly through your Phonebook. After this process, you can easily send automated SMSes to all your customers informing them about your online store and take orders directly. You can also share your store link placed on the Home screen with your customers on WhatsApp & Facebook groups.

Step 2: Promote the customized Marketing Assets on Social Media

We all know about WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. On Bikry, you can get pre-built banners for your store which you can put as your WhatsApp status, Facebook & Instagram stories. There’s no need for any designing skills as these are easy to customize the pre-built Website Banners, Business Cards, Posters & Festive Banners’ templates from Bikry. You can also create your own offer banners to share with customers.

Use them to promote your special offers and your customers will see them and ask for more.

Step 3: Offer Discount Coupons

One of the most effective ways to get more orders is to build a list of regular customers. For building regular customers, the best method is to reward them for their repeat purchases. And to reward them, the best way is to offer Special Discounts.

In Bikry, we have in-built promo codes and discount coupons available. You can set them according to your wish and start sharing with your regular customers.

Step 4: Create your own QR Poster

QR Poster is an amazing way to share your store- In style. On Bikry, a ready-made QR Poster is available for your store, just print it out, put it in your offline store, or share it with anyone through your phone. The viewer can scan it and place orders directly from your store within seconds.

Step 5: Start Refer & Earn Campaign or Loyalty Scheme

Refer & Earn is one of the best marketing tactics to increase orders. Bikry gives you the option of enabling a Loyalty Scheme/ Refer & Program on your own store. You can activate and share it with your customers on Whatsapp. Your customers will be encouraged to share your online store with their friends & family as they will get redeemable points in return. To redeem these points they have to make more orders in your store. This way you will not only get new orders but also the repeat orders from existing customers. Enjoy the double benefits of the loyalty program by activating & sharing it.

Step 6- Delivery Services

Delivering the product can sometimes be a tough job for store owners as they don’t have any delivery boy. And because of this issue, they have to cancel the order. Now, with the Bikry Hyperlocal, IntraState & PAN India Delivery support, you can deliver your products in every part of India within a few clicks. This will allow you the freedom to accept orders from every state/ territory of India and get it delivered at the lowest possible rates.

With these simple and easy steps, you can run a successful online business and generate more orders.

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