4 Ways to Improve your customer relationship

Customer is the God! If you disrespect him, then it will bring a disaster for your small business. If you want to upgrade your small business into a big and successful business, then you must have to build a good customer relationship. According to a study, most of the successful businesses have good customer relationships as no one wants to shop from there, where they are treated badly.

Here are the ways how you can build a better relationship with customers and increase their satisfaction:

  1. Listen to Customers

Communication is the key element of any good relationship. It is important to make your customers feel good and respected. Listening and talking to your customer shopping experience must be a part of customer service.

Try to clear their doubt and provide solutions to all their problems as soon as possible.

2. Feedback

Feedback helps you know where you are lacking behind so that you can improve it in the future. You must know whether the customer had a good experience or a bad one with your business. The better is the Feedback, the more is the chances of growth in the business.

3. Connect with your customers

Technology helps you connect with customers easily. There are apps like MyBikry, which help you in connecting with your customers directly without taking any commission. You can create a product catalog and easily share it with your customers through Whatsapp, SMS, Email.

4. Reward your customers

Rewarding the customers motivate them more to shop from you. Make your long-customer feel special by rewarding them with any goodie.

You can also give away inexpensive items. It’s an effective way to say thank you to customers.

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